Design Collective has a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server available for use with our projects. Simply input the Project ID below to access site in a new browser window.

Project ID:

Note: If the Project ID you input does not exist on the FTP server, you will be prompted with a login dialog. Also, some types of pop-up blocking software might mistake the above system for a pop-up advertisement. Disable the software briefly and try again.

Direct FTP Access

For those using a stand alone FTP client, simply use "" as the host and the project code for username and password. PASV Transfers are supported (and sometimes required depending on network configurations).


As more of our consultants and colleagues began using our Project FTP, we've noticed several default settings inside of Internet Explorer would not work properly with the site.

Microsoft's latest upgrade to Internet Explorer (version 7) has changed the way FTP sites are handled. You can no longer upload files through Internet Explorer 7. Downloading remains available, but you will need to use a direct FTP client to access the FTP site.

Those of you who use Internet Explorer prior to version 7 to access the Project FTP using the form above and experience troubles might want to double check the Advanced section of their Internet Options to make sure the two items noted with a red asterisk below are checked.

You can reach the Internet Options dialog by going up to the Tools menu.